A growing market in a down economy

The Disposable Medical Device market has a bright growth trend for the near future based on a December 16, 2008 press release from Koncept Analytics ( The release notes that the "United States is the largest market for disposable medical devices, closely followed by Europe and Asia." The aging population in the U.S. and Europe is mentioned as one of the important contributors to the growth of this market.

A recent Frost and Sullivan report ( also stated that the growth in the Medical Device Industry is attributed to the aging population, and in the U.S. is expected to continue to grow through 2013 to around $138 billion from revenues of $75 billion in 2006. The overview for this report refers to the following segments associated with this growth potential; cardiovascular, neurology, cosmetics, aesthetics, and orthopedics. According to a recent First Research study there are over 12,000 companies in the U.S. that manufacture medical supplies and devices made up of both large and small companies.

These products carry a variety of labels, some of them currently using Spinnaker products. Call your Sales person today to find out which base stocks and adhesives work well on these types of products.