Technical Consulting solves curl problem

Problem: Our converting customer was having a challenge with roll-set curl with certain pressure sensitive products that had to be sheeted.

Investigation: Two Representatives from Spinnaker's technical team made a trip to their location and diagnosed the need for decurling equipment on their press. Another trip was then made to the end-user to understand whether or not there were any additional issues contributing to the customer's performance problem.

Solution: Spinnaker Engineering designed a decurling unit and traveled to the converter to take measurements on the press to which this would be installed.

Results: The customer received the unit which they said was easy to install. The first roll that they tested was one that they couldn't run before, due to roll-set curl that is inherent in roll products. They were able to run this roll and end up with flat sheets. They were very impressed with the unit and it is working great.

Benefit: Savings thanks to reduced scrap and less down time. They now have a happy end use customer who isn't experiencing quality issues or returns due to curling.