Spinnaker Coating announces new Polypropylene film

Troy, OH – March 8, 2010 – Spinnaker Coating now offers 4 mil TC Matte White Polypropylene. The stiffness and caliper of this material is designed for automated print-and-present and print-and-apply label applications, where removing the label from a thermal transfer printer is easier to do when the label comes out straighter than with lower caliper facestocks. When paired with the appropriate adhesive, the release level allows the label to pop off cleanly so it doesn't follow the liner. The stiffness of this material also makes hand applying larger labels more convenient, decreasing the likelihood of the label folding and sticking to itself. In addition to thermal transfer, it can also be printed by water-based and UV flexo inks, letterpress, and rotary screen. This product is good for large hand applied labels, warehousing applications, and pallet, box, and packaging film labels. For ease of ordering, this facestock is available Trimless.

Data Sheet: 4.0 mil TC Matte White Polypropylene

The photo below shows the 4 mil Polypropylene compared to a popular thermal transfer option (2.75” x 6” samples).

Contact for Press Release:
Shauna Jackson
Communications Manager

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